Welcome to IZIT? Entertainment

Since 1990 IZIT? Entertainment has delivered uniquely designed, quality entertainment that provides you with that unexpected dimension. We pride ourselves in providing quality entertainment and by doing so we are not only one of Queensland’s most respected entertainment providers but we have continually been in the forefront of supplying entertainment for the past 27 years. IZIT? will listen to your needs and advise you on the best options by always offering a diverse range of entertainment.

IZIT? Entertainment is not just a booking company but a creator of some of the entertainment on offer. We have our own vast repertoire of improvisational comedy roving characters. We also write and produce shows as well as providing various types of workshops.

IZIT? Entertainment will never take your call for granted, we will respond quickly and we will advise what entertainment will work best for you.

Commedia dell'arte - PulchinellaThose Tap GuysButterfly CatchersAerial TwinsJames MorrisonGreg Moore





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