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IZIT? Acts for you: IZIT? has an extensive range of entertainment, so we can offer you a variety of options. When organising a function or event you may have some specific entertainment ideas which could be as easy as a ‘Band’ or as rare as a ‘flea circus’. There are many variations on the suitability of an act for your event and with our extensive experience we will be able to suggest the right act for you.

IZIT? Roving Characters: We provide roving entertainment drawn from a pool of characters and performed by a core ensemble of Brisbane's best actors. These characters can enhance your themed event both visually and verbally. Totally spontaneous elements emerge, as the moment, mood and audience change. Their comic inspiration comes from the laughter and enjoyment of each individual audience.

IZIT Creative: IZIT? Entertainment can write and produce shows or we can package up various acts to create something new for you. With the large pool of talent at IZIT?’s fingertips we can make a difference to your special event. We pride ourselves in offering you quality entertainment. Entertainment is our love, and providing you with a memorable evening or event is our passion.