Commedia dell'arte Characters

Commedia - Punchinellias

This troupe of interactive roving Commedia dell'arte Characters are true to their art form  - improvised masked characters. They will delight and engage your guests and are perfect for Masquerade and Venetian theme events.


The Venetian Masks

The Venetian Masks give any event a touch of wonder and class. These beautiful creatures of another time and place move together so slowly as to seem almost motionless, and cause a stir wherever they are, be it a festival, launch or private function...

The Pulcinella
The famous Pulcinella, cheeky vagabond, outrageously ugly zanni of the Italian Commedia dell'arte, is out and about and he's not alone. In fact there are three of him! Eye-catching in their baggy white blouses, the Pulcinellas leave smiles and laugher in their wake as they roam together from place to place, non-verbally interacting with whoever they meet.