African drum Workshops by Austin, who considers himself an Earth citizen, he can relate to the people of the world through a unified language called music. He can gasp the concept of absoluteness.

African Drum Workshops

This workshop focuses on body percussion and includes some rhythms with recycled/found percussion as well.

Body & Stomp Percussion

Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian Art form. Many people see it as a martial art, others a dance. Another way to describe it is as a body dialogue; it is a fluid dance fight that is improvised. However, there are those who believe that it is their Religion, Cultural Identity and Life Philosophy.

The following Traditional Chinese Workshops including Feng Shui, Chinese Calligraphy, and Paper Kite Making are all currently available. These fascinating and historical workshops are held by Grandmaster Tom Lo who has tutored and performed for over 36 years in Queensland.

Kite Workshops

Circular Rhythm offers live Indigenous Australian music and performances to audiences as diverse as school children, international students, special education, conference delegates and tourism visitors.

Circular Rhythm

Specialising in bringing theatricatlity and performance energy into the staging of physical skill, these workshops generally culminate with a performance outcome. Your tutors, NIck and Allie, have been running fun, yet challenging circus and physical theatre workshop series together for over 10 years.

Circus Workshops - Rockhampton

Discover the stretchy rubber band reality that is the Clown! In this workshop, students will discover their inner clown (everybody’s got one!) and have each other rolling on the floor laughing one minute and ‘awwing’ in sympathy the next. This training is incredibly rewarding for both the actor and the person.

Clowning for the actor workshops

Brent Walters has been a DJ for just short of a decade and an active part of the Australian music scene for even longer, performing under his given name or the alias’ of Marvs (Pure Product) and BRNTOS (The Freshmaker) (Boss Cats & Jungle Traffic).

DJ - Workshops

The drama workshops will concentrate on the physical and mental engagement of the actor with his fellow artists and most importantly, the audience. Honesty, integrity and communication form the core basics of acting.

Drama Workshops - Sunfest Gladstone

With a fusion of live performance and the magic of the big screen, Cinematic Theatre presents exciting and engaging workshops. They integrated use of projection during stage scenes and scene transitions allows the live action to become continuous and more engaging.

Film & Drama Workshops