The Snowman

He must be lost, this poor snowman. Isn’t he afraid to melt down here in Oz? This remarkable and beautiful snowman is a real eye catcher for all events and with his funny movements and cute expressions he turns everybody’s face into a big smile.  

A highly visual act to give an amusing accent to the winter period, or to complete the traditional picture of Christmas. And with a fan in his hand its even the perfect visual metaphor for a Global Warming conference!

FAQ - Does the Snowman Walk - The costume is very heavy (over 35 kilo) and not easy to walk cause the base is lying on the ground. The character is such a major eyecatcher, that as soon as people see the Snowman the actor does not get a chance to walk because he attracts such a crowd

, people are drawn to him. The Character is not a a statue, he moves and responds to the audience. A great character for photos.